Growth Support Services

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We can help you find your next big opportunity.

Have you hit your full stride? It is clear when you are doing well, and when you are not. But finding new fields for growth may take an outside point of view.

Explore how you can...

We normally start with a diagnostic that looks at your goals, and then analyzes your current results. What has worked for you? What has not? From there we jointly consider options that will most efficiently hit your targets. Many of our clients have reached their growth goals through:

o Improved sales efficiency (win rates and returns on sales)
o Successful new product launches, or finding new lucrative markets
o Finding/improving channels to market
o Smart partnering and acquisitions that drive growth
o Direct support for top sales people, providing more focus on customers
o Influence campaigns that win and keep key accounts

We are excited to see what combination of approaches will fit your needs.

Acquisition & Merger Support

Bennion’s merger and acquisition support team includes researchers and business experts in many parts of the globe. We can help you acquire assets that will deliver the best strategic value for your money. Services include:

• Helping you set criteria for the target acquisition, then conducting a thorough search for the best candidates.

• Intelligence research to conduct a preliminary “remote” assessment to ensure the viability and strength of the targeted acquisition before you approach them.

• Conducting in-depth due diligence reviews to determine suitability.

• Performing careful financial valuations of target assets to set a reasonable market price.

• Providing negotiation support through additional intelligence, producing a negotiation strategy that wins the best deal possible.

Sales Direct Support

You want sales people to sell. That’s what you hired them for, and that’s what they want to do. They hate administrative work that cuts down on sales time. You both want to increase their time with customers. The challenge is to make this happen effectively.

What if you could hire someone in direct support of your top sales people without the cost and difficulty of overhead? How much more money could you make if your sales people did not have to focus on administrative work? What if your sales people each had another 15-20 hours per week with customers, focused on high-value sales?

Let’s see how the math works for you.

Trade Show Services

Trade shows and conferences are excellent opportunities to meet clients, find new prospects – and to gather market intelligence. Your trade show attendance can become a major source of competitive advantage. But many companies spend many thousands of dollars on these events without touching their true value. Our services result in:

• More and better customers faster
• A deeper and more current understanding of your market faster
• An ability to influence the market in your favor faster

Could we help you triple the value you get from trade shows and exhibitions – without increasing costs? Let’s talk about it.

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