What is a World Class Competitive Intelligence Function?

“The world is flat.” Global conditions erase barriers to competition, and accelerate changes in markets worldwide. To be globally competitive, you need a business and competitive intelligence (B/CI) function that alerts you to new opportunities and threats before your competitors can detect them.

B/CI functions must be world-class to win against global competitors. We can help you check your B/CI against the best practices of other successful companies around the world.

Most CI process consultants base their analysis on what has worked previously for their limited set of clients. We do not do this. Our dataset is global, and we partner with experts who study B/CI processes around the world. Dr. John Prescott and Alessandro Comai, who have authorized us as an auditor of B/CI processes using protocols from their groundbreaking study, “Establishing a World-Class CI Capability (WCCI).”

The WCCI study is broadly considered the best study available for evaluating CI function effectiveness. It is the only global study of its kind.
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Why the seal – and what it gets you

Before WCCI, each CI consultant had their standard for what “world-class” meant. That argument is over. The Bennion WCCI seal means that you can confidently compete in a global environment. It means you can get critical market information before your competitors do, in time to act on that intelligence.

Contact us today for a world-class B/CI Process

As an authorized WCCI auditor, we can help ensure that your CI function is truly world class. The WCCI seal on your CI function means that you will be equipped with the tools you need to likely to see detect market changes first, and be able to beat your competition to new opportunities. Call us; let’s discuss what you need.