Consulting and Training Services

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We use client-centered consulting. We know that you are experts in what you do. We bring an independent view and significant experience to help you find new paths to growth. We will partner closely with you to ensure the complete transfer and cultural fit of the methodologies involved. This means that you can maintain the process after we leave.

Our core consulting skills include:
Process analysis and design – We are good at finding and mending revenue-leaking “holes” within existing marketing, sales, and market intelligence processes.
  • Leading change – It is not enough to know where you need to go. The organizational team must want to go there. We can help you lead the changes that will harvest new revenue.
  • Executive communications – we deliver results in documents that executives can read and immediately use
  • Project management – We have a reputation for delivering results on time and within the budget

Take a look at some of the training courses that we offer to help grow your revenues

Revenue Growth Consulting

What is your growth goal?

What is restraining your growth – inside and outside your company?

Revenue growth consulting encompasses all that we do. We can help you identify and sweep away internal and external obstacles to growth.

Together we will help you retain key accounts, find lucrative new customers, develop new products, and enter new markets.

Strategy and Strategic Processes

Do you have the growth strategy and processes you need to reach your goals?

Bennion Group’s strategy consulting focuses on harvesting more revenue. Good strategy also requires intelligence direct from the market, and strong internal processes for execution Once the right strategy is in place, we can help you with tools and processes you need to execute strategies leading directly to growth.

Strong strategies in the following areas often drive revenue growth.

1. Innovation strategy
2. Product /service strategy
3. Go to market strategy
4. Market influence strategy
5. Competitive strategy

Building Corporate Intelligence

Where are your customers headed?

Will your competitors get there first?

Strong intelligence functions drive growth, identify risks, and help base market choices on facts, not best guesses. Companies with world-class intelligence systems close more sales; spend less on supply chain; and outflank competitors.

Bennion is a certified auditor of “World Class CI Functions” (Prescott/Comai, 2007 EMECOM)
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