Our International Partners

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Bennion’s international reach is the result of two things:

  1. Teams of Bennion Group-trained personnel situated throughout the world who provide much of our research and consulting work.
  2. The unique capabilities of specialized partners, when additional skills are needed.

The following companies have proven themselves to be particularly strong performers within their markets and areas of expertise:


Symnetics is a consulting powerhouse headquartered in Brazil, but with operations throughout Latin America. Symnetics is best known for consulting that helps companies to develop and to manage corporate strategies that lead to growth.


SunFaith excels at intellectual property protection and due diligence research throughout China and East Asia. SunFaith helps client companies thrive in complex East Asian markets, while identifying and protecting themselves from business risks. SunFaith


Established in 1993, Die Denkfabrik (“The Think Factory”) provides competitive and B2B research designed to help clients identify and to overcome obstacles to growth, while seizing market opportunities. Denkfabrik


Our Swiss partners are in fact two closely affiliated companies headquartered in the Swiss Confederation, but with operations in other countries. These two companies are and They are managed by Nicolas Giannakopoulos and Joël Pastre. Together with their associates they manage an unparalleled database of company information, giving their clients access to clear data about business and transaction risks, world-wide.

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