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Bennion Group is known world-wide for customer research and competitor intelligence that gives critical insights without crossing the boundaries of ethical behavior.

Companies often make choices based on assumptions about customers, competitors and markets that are influenced or filtered through company staff. All of our work – including our consulting and training – is based on facts that we have found in the real world. You can directly hear the voices of customers and competitors as you have never heard them before. This means you can win and keep profitable accounts– or learn about a competitor’s intentions before their plans turn into threats to your revenue. Clear and balanced information about markets, customers, and competitors can help you pick the right products, find the right markets, and correctly price and position your offerings to outperform your competitors.

Our research is of basically of three kinds. We research customers and competitors, and we perform market influence research. This is research into those events, organizations or conditions that can influence the behavior of customers or competitors. Our research network is truly global.
What do you need to know?

Intelligence Services

Customer research and intelligence

Bennion customer research and intelligence seeks answers to questions like these:

Will our customers buy our new product or service? What price will they pay?

What is my customer’s “decision map” for selecting a winner on the XYZ proposal? Which customer executives must we address to win them over? How can we best frame our offering to get a sale?

Are our customers really satisfied with us? Does our brand resonate with them? Are they considering different options? How can I keep them? Why do our customers buy from us, really? And why did we lose that last deal? How could we win them over next time?

Market influence research

The “killer application” for intelligence may be influence. If you can map the reasons that certain markets or decision makers favor certain solutions, you have taken the first step towards understanding how to ethically sway others to get the decisions you need. We provide the information you need to understand what mixture of deeds, words, and symbols will be most persuasive. We can help you be sure that you first capture the interest, and then fully convince your target audience – and motivate them to act.

With the addition of influence analysis, market entry studies can go beyond stating market conditions as they are – to how you must shape those conditions to favor your offering. Or we can discuss how you might ethically sway key opinion leaders to make the choices that you need. Let’s talk about it.

Competitive research and intelligence

Even the girl at the corner lemonade stand needs to know what her competitors will do. Bennion Group competitive intelligence is not focused solely on competitors – but also on the forces that influence their choices (see influence research).

A unique characteristic of Bennion Group competitive intelligence is our ability to inexpensively monitor competitor activity over the long term. We pay careful attention to ethics, privacy, and human psychology. We build good relationships with our sources. This means that we can build source networks that keep on working for long periods of time.

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