Corporate Intelligence Processes

A successful business/competitive intelligence (BCI) function relies on individual and team skills built within a process framework that is enabled (but not driven!) by technology.

This is what makes our Business and Competitive intelligence (BCI) process consulting different:
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1. We are market focused, as well as competitor-focused. A world-class CI system provides executive insight into new opportunities – not just competitive threats. Our expertise encompasses both CI and growth strategy, and, we work hard to be sure that the combined B/CI process helps you build new revenue.

2. We work with you to measure the results of what we help you to build. This is tough to do – but a good CI system should quickly start either making or saving you money. How will you know if you don’t find a way to measure that?

3. We design systems based on research, not on conjecture. The best research available is the ground-breaking study, “Establishing a World-Class CI Capability,” by Dr. John Prescott and Alessandro Comai. We are an authorized Prescott/Comai WCCI function auditor. (Both Dr. Prescott and Mr. Comai are available to partner on projects, depending on your needs and their schedule). WCCI

4. We start where you are. We start with what you already have – your existing information, processes, technology, needs, and market contacts – then use formal tools to target specific areas for improvement. We can help you build processes that operate within your unique culture and budget.

What is B/CI process?

Business and Competitive Intelligence (BCI) process is commonly simply called competitive intelligence. We add the “business” because the terms “competitive intelligence” often bring the concept of focusing on competitors only. Much of the best information, of course comes from customers – and they pay your bills. In fact, a good competitor research project usually includes conversations with customers; and a good customer research project often includes extensive conversations with competitors.

A good BCI process delivers competitive advantage. You know more about your customers and their emerging needs – and you see competitors’ movements and can respond before it is too late. It includes both a strong early opportunity scanning process to help you find new growth, and a strong market/competitive early warning process to help you identify and counteract threats.

Whom does this benefit?

• Anyone looking to get a better return on sales, product launches, and market strategy processes; companies looking to deepen their market penetration and improve their ROI on channel and B2B sales.

• Companies that need specific information on the activities, plans and intentions of customer/competitor organizations, and recommendations to counter them.

Others include:

1. Sales teams seeking to understand and overcome customer resistance, or a competitor’s advantage in a key account.
2. Product managers seeking faster product development and a better return on investment.
3. Strategy and research and development executives looking for sustainable competitive advantage.

How does it work?

We use the Prescott/Comai WCCI framework as a base for our BCI function development. WCCI A common Bennion Group BCI function development process is shown below.
A “secret sauce” in our design is the active engagement of Bennion consultants to first train, then to work alongside your people in a research effort. This allows you to truly “own” and the function, independent of our consulting staff.

This delivers the intelligence you need now, and a working BCI process after we leave.
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How do I start?

The first step is usually an in-depth diagnostic look at the Competitive Intelligence structures and practices already in place in your organization. (Everybody does something in this area, even if is not called BCI!) It is essential that we focus our joint efforts only on the areas where you need the most help.

We normally also look for ways to measure the costs and benefits of your current practices – and the results of any improvement we make together. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the value of our work far outpaces the costs involved. If we do it right, you should save – and make – far more money over the next few years than you spend on our consulting.

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