Bennion channel partner selection and monitoring services

Bennion provides valuable services for sales/ channel partner screening.

  • Networked, on-the-ground research. Bennion enjoys a strong business network in Brazil and in many other geographic areas. Collecting information through people is particularly important in emerging markets, where web-based and syndicated information is less available.
  • Confidentiality of client. It is normally very important to keep the identity of the client confidential during the early stages of any partner selection process. Early identification of the client can reveal market intent, and tip off competitors.
  • Accuracy of information. When the end-client themselves manage the early screening processes, it often muddies the information flow, as prospective partners immediately begin a “mating ritual” that selectively conceals and reveals as they will.

Just the Right Partner

Our teams can help you
  1. Identify strong candidate partners within your target market and market region, world wide.
  2. Validate the suitability of your “short list” of potential partners by conducting due-diligence to determine their customer reputation and true capability – and to find any potential liabilities in working with them, including differences in operational and decision culture.
  3. Help you craft an approach strategy that will win them over, and a partnering strategy that will you reach your target revenues
  4. Monitor the partner’s performance to ensure that they continue to deliver

About Channel Performance Monitoring

Once the partnership contract is signed, the client/supplier often faces a new problem: They sell more products, but may have less connection with customers. Even in superb sales and distribution partnerships, the partner serves as a buffer, shielding the client/supplier from the pulse of the market.

Good sales/distribution contracts include a clause that allows the client/supplier to employ a third-party research team to periodically go straight to the customer to learn:

  • How the sales partner is performing
  • Competitor inroads
  • End-user product satisfaction, in detail (and in time to correct problems that will cost you revenue)

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