Positive Influence Training

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Positive Influence Training is a four-tiered approach to communicating with others—particularly competitors, opponents and those with whom you have very little in common—using words and symbols that correspond with their deepest thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Through Bennion Group’s training, you’ll be able to speak truth in a way they understand—in language they relate to. Listening first, and applying these skills, your Positive Influence Training will help you change the world, one contact at a time.

When it matters most, you can’t leave it to guess-work. Do you know what you need to do to win that really big account? Or to predict what an entrenched competitor will do when you launch that new product? Can you be certain that your negotiators are hitting all the right notes to get the deal you want?

Building and executing a strong influence strategy requires training in three key skills. These skills are briefly outlined below. Our Personal Influence Training (PIT) courses are typically designed to help teams achieve specific goals – whether those goals have to do with anticipating or influencing the choices of another company, or in helping their own organization to make better choices. All PIT courses are tailored to deliver specific team results. Let’s talk about what you need to get done.

Decision Culture Analysis (DCA)– Mapping how the target company makes decisions, and how they will likely respond in a particular case.

DCA can help you understand and successfully engage those who influence the decisions you care about. Bennion Group’s DCA process will empower you anticipate organizational choices, and to develop effective strategies to influence prospects, partners, and competitors. Decision Culture Analysis is designed to provide you with reliable insight while reducing risk as you plan and execute your strategies.

Reading Body Language – knowing how to read (and to project) non-verbal cues to anticipate or to influence other people. See Reading Body Language.

Key Leader Profiling – the tools you need to deeply understand key leaders, including the identification of who or what most influences them, and how. This training includes training in Language and Behavioral (LAB) Analysis. LAB profiling reveals people’s core beliefs and goals, and how they express those goals verbally and nonverbally. It begins with the assumption that the human mind is a sort of computer “programmed” through words. With our training, you can help others see your point of view from within their own framework, and use their own words/themes/symbols to help them adopt your point of view. This course teaches you how to use language that penetrates their personal emotional filters, rather than wrestle with them to accept new notions using words and phrases.

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