Key questions to ask your provider about their B/CI services

Ask yourself, ask your provider…

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1. What will your new BCI system help you do differently once it is installed?

2. Will your BCI system help you compete only locally – or globally? How do you know? What is their track record in other countries and cultures?

3. What tools will your provider use to evaluate the quality of the intelligence that your system produces? Are those tools based on a global standard? In what way?

4. Who will get the output from the system? Will that output help your company make or save money? If so, how?

5. Will your BCI system focus mostly competitors? Or will it also help you understand customers and to their needs? Will it win you business? How, exactly? And how much?

6. How much of your system will rely on the functions of a certain software package? (Relying on a software package to perform CI is like relying on accounting software to perform accounting)

7. Who will do the work of collecting intelligence or performing analysis in your company? How will you get them to do that? Are they trained? Do they care? What is in it for them?

8. Is the “CI process” that your provider is offering you really a cloak for hooking you on THEIR intelligence production services? Or will you be able to use the system to produce valuable intelligence - after they've gone?

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