A few examples of how companies have benefitted from a B/CI Process:

Increased Revenues/Gross Margins

• (Boeing) Market intelligence led to $16 billion in new contracts.

(Corning) Acquisition negotiations supported through MII processes reduced the purchase price of target by 10% ($8 million).

(Kellogg) Former President Gary Costley cited $25 million in annual savings/gains

(Nutrasweet) CEO valued worth of market intelligence at $50 million a year, combining revenues gained and “not lost.”

(Westinghouse) Intelligence support for bids and proposals led to contract wins worth $400 million in profits over five years.

Decreased Costs

(Delmarva Power) Using internal resources, company cited 25-40% savings over costs for equivalent services by external providers.

(Johnson & Johnson) Reports 10% annual savings on consultant fees.

(Texas Instruments) Estimated 25% savings through automation and enhanced market intelligence processes and services.

(US West) Integrated program receives 350% more information requests than peer companies studied, with each request handled at labor costs “35% below sample average.”

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