A short path to identify the right acquisition

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A global engineering firm focused on selling equipment and services for energy generation decided to diversify into renewable energy, beginning with an exploration of concentrated solar power. The client directed our team to identify possible partners most likely to yield a good return. Our client was uncertain as to whether they should pursue a partner with a unique solar thermal technology, or one that had the capability to build and deliver fully functional utility-scale power plants.

Techniques Used

The project was launched shortly before a major solar power conference. Bennion Group used the conference to establish and to deepen connections with a large array of companies, and with key individuals within the United States Department of Energy. Using these connections, we were able to complete a study that would have normally taken two to three months “in under half the cost and 1/3rd of the time” – according to our client.

Using our research, the client decided it was best to purchase a company with established connections with major local utility companies, and a reputation for excellence in engineering, design, procurement (EPC) and project management


The client decided to purchase outright a solar EPC firm with excellent experience. The company they purchased is today one of the most successful builders of utility-scale solar thermal power plants.
*Company name has been changed to ensure our clients privacy