Competitive public relations – using intelligence to sway key opinion leaders and win over business buyers

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A high technology manufacturer was second place globally in the production and sales of a line of business products. Its principal competitor had long held the title of “best products” and “best customer service” in leading technical and service reviews. This was mysterious, since many independent analysts believed our customer was actually “top dog” in both categories, based on their own customer research.

Techniques Used

Working with our client over two years, we:
1. Used influence analysis to identify key opinion leaders (KOLs) who could shift buyer’s perceptions
2. Conducted competitor intelligence research to discover how the competitor was manipulating KOLs
3. Researched competitor’s supplier networks to determine what products the competitor would launch, when, in which markets

With the results of our analysis, our client was able to take steps to sway KOL’s to their side using third-party customer research. Our client also could forecast competitor product launches within two weeks of the launch date – enabling them to mount a market communications campaign that effectively blunted their competitor’s key product launches over the course of a year.


Market leadership through strategic influence: Our client became the number one maker of products for business within their target categories. This led to a dramatic improvement in market share and market capitalization.
*Company name has been changed to ensure our clients privacy