Convincing a key customer to remain a customer – and not become a competitor.

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Our client manufactured chemical products integral to the making of paints and sealants used in architectural coatings worldwide. A major Asian buyer of our client’s product was in the process of building a plant that would produce their own supply of our client’s product, thus eliminating the need for continued purchases. The new plant would also have enabled the customer to become a direct competitor of our client.

Techniques Used

By meeting with the client’s sales team and by conducting anonymous, third-party research, Bennion consultants helped the client identify previously undisclosed market concerns motivating the client’s behavior. Working together, we also identified “hidden” influencers inside the client’s decision structure whom the client succeeded persuading to a different course.


Key customer retention: Our client’s target buyer stopped construction on their new plant, and instead signed a long-term supply contract and market alliance with our client.
*Company name has been changed to ensure our clients privacy