Success Stories

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Bennion Group is a global consulting company focused on helping our clients achieve top-line revenue growth. We are experts in product and market strategy, market influence, and competitive intelligence. Your success is our success. Come see what success our clients have had by benefiting from our services.

Full list of Success Stories

Public Relations Success Story

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Using our Competitive Intelligence and Decision Culture Analysis services, a Global Fortune 50 Company was able to anticipate its competition and dramatically improve market share and market capitalization. Within a short time-frame after benefiting from our services, our client became the #1 maker of products for businesses within their target categories.

Customer Retention Success Story

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Through our ability to conduct anonymous, third-party research, our client was able to prevent its key customer from ending their partnership and becoming a direct competitor. Through our insight, our client was able to identify “hidden” influencers inside this customer’s decision structure that prevented the customer from constructing a new plant and instead, facilitated the signing of a long-term supply contract and market alliance.

Business Acquisition Success Story

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A global engineering firm within the energy industry could not afford to have a potential acquisition fail. Through our intelligence gathering techniques, we were able to provide our client with the information it needed to perform a successful acquisition in under half the cost and 1/3rd of the time compared to what our client had expected. This has resulted in our client acquiring one of the most successful manufacturers within its industry.

Decision Mapping Success Story

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Through our Decision Mapping services, a large chemical company was able to secure a leading position as supplier as a potential partner prepared for full-scale production. Our client’s success would not have been possible without the insight we provided into the procurement process of the target company and the diagnosis of a recent acquisition involving the potential partner.